• The beginner surf lesson starts with 30min exercises on the beach.
  • You learn the basics : paddling, having a good position on the board, how to stand-up …
  • Your experienced surf instructor explains the skills, demonstrates then you practice and he’s here to correct you.
  • After a short boat ride to the surf area you are ready to jump in the water.
  • The practice in the waves of Nusa Lembongan is the best part : the instructor stays with you in the water and position you properly to catch it, helps by pushing your surfboard (only when necessary) then gives you a short debriefing about the wave you caught. Step by step you improve and experience the overwhelming feeling of standing on a surfboard. You’ll spend 1,5 to 2h in the water.
  • The quality ratio of 3 students per instructor gives us more time to spend with you to ensure you succeed from day 1. 
  • Once the class is finished we head back to Monkey Surf School where you can take a shower and participate in the debriefing of your lesson.